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Look at the below picture, what do you see?

  •  If you see the Glass of water HALF FULL : It is called Optimism

We often confuse to decide whether our answer is correct one or not. What is the problem here? Lack of practice. In your home you sit and try to solve some problems. You do 2 or 3. Later you feel that those are very easy and you don’t even need preparation for them. SO our suggestion to you is, please don’t underestimate any topic. Prepare well. 

Here are the topics of Reasoning, we tried our best to make them readable. Just pick one topic per day and practice well. You can use the comments section below if you have any doubts regarding the procedures.

  • If you see the Glass of water HALF EMPTY : It is called Pessimism
  • If you see the Girl instead of the Glass :  It is Guy-ism !!! 😛
Now, what if I say that the Glass is Completely Full???
Well, welcome to our concept….. It is called REASONING.

Check the Below Picture.

For remaining sections of the competitive exams like Aptitude, Current Affairs, Computers and English.. .. Application of your prior knowledge is enough. But for reasoning, along with the application of your previous knowledge, you should use some logic too… You should think beyond the label.  The Reasoning is probably the most important section of the bank exams because Most of us face problem in this section as we find it difficult to finish the section on time. 
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